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2003 Conference on World Affairs

The Power of an Idea

Held in early April this year on the beautiful University of Colorado campus, the 55th annual Conference on World Affairs was its usual delightful self. Three inches of snow the first night. Seventy degrees by the end of the week. This year's theme was The Power of an Idea. I got a lot of ideas from the event and this site will attempt to share them and represent them. Of course since each year builds on the previous years, hopefully I will find a way to connect them all.

This year features two collections of information. The Panels Page link below will take you to a summary page listing all the panels I attended. Each link will show the two best ideas from that panel. Scanning those ideas is a good way to get the gist of this conference as I attended it. If you want more detail, follow the links. There you will find a detailed summary of each panel. If you get really interested there is a company in Boulder called Tapes Again that sells tapes of almost every panel at the conference.

The Panels Page