FileTitle: Joke1138.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: Escaping a Bull
   Two men were crossing a large field.  When
  they right in the middle, a big brindle bull
  came to show them the nearest way to the
     One of the men found a tree and climbed it
  as rapidly as possible.  The other couldn't
  get to the tree in time, but, seeing a large,
  sociable hole in the ground, jumped in.
     The bull nearly got him as he went down,
  but just missed him and jumped over the hole.
  The man came up out of the hole like a jack-
  in-the-box; the bull gave a snort and jumped
  at him.  Down into the hole went the man and
  over went the bull.  Up came the man and back
  came the bull, till the man up the tree got
  excited and called down, "You crazy fool, why
  don't you stay in that hole?  You'll get the
  bull so mad he'll keep us here all summer!"
     "Crazy fool yourself," cried the man in the
  hole.  "There's a bear in that hole!"