FileTitle: Joke1227.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: Beth's Bell Ringer
 Everyone is familiar with the story of the Hunchback of Notre Dame, but how
many of you know the sequel?  After Quasimodo left the job, the cathedral
needed a new bell ringer.  The chief priest put an ad in the paper, and the
sacristan conducted the interviews.  One of the applicants, otherwise totally
undistinguished, said that he had found that the best method of ringing a bell
was to hit it with his head.  The sacristan thought this an intriguing idea and
immediately escorted the job-seeker up to the top of the tower.  The applicant
leaned way over backwards, then summoning all of his strength he hurled his
body forward, slamming his face into the side of the bell.  The concussion, of
course, knocked him silly, and he fell out of the tower to his death in the
plaza far below.  By the time the sacristan got down to the ground, the priest
had come out and was looking at the body.  He turned to the sacristan and
asked, "Who is this guy?"  The sacristan shrugged and said, "I dunno, but his
face rings a bell."
 The next day another applicant came into to interview for the job.  The
sacristan asked him, "You don't hit the bell with your face, do you?"  The
applicant gave a surprised look and said that, yes, indeed, he did.  It turned
out that he was the brother of the fellow who had died the day before.  This
applicant said, "Well, that's the way we learned how to ring the bells back
home.  But my brother never was very good at it, and I did most of the bell
ringing at our village church."  Because of this fellow's self assurance, the
sacristan decided to give him a try.  He took the applicant up to the tower,
and the same thing happened all over again.  The applicant slammed his head
into the bell, knocked himself out, and fell to his death.  Down on the ground,
the priest, standing over the body, asked the sacristan, "Now *who* is this
guy?"  The sacristan said, "I dunno, but he's a dead ringer for his brother."