FileTitle: Joke1264.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: Knotholes and Dangerous Kids
A man was walking down the road, absolutely desperate for a pee. He
sees a long line of people in a queue, waiting for a bus. At the end
of the queue is an old wooden fence with lots of knot holes in it. The
man says to himself, "If I pretend I'm in the queue, I can poke my
cock through one of the knot holes, and relieve myself!!".
So the man stands at the end of the queue, facing the fence, and
pokes his cock through. After several minutes of relieving himself,
he's just shaking off the last few drips, when... SNAP.
Someone the other side of the fence bulldog clips the end of his cock.
He leans over the fence, and sees three boys there. One's about 14,
another about 10, and the last about 6. The eldest says to him,
"That will cost you a pound for me to let you go, or I'll cut of
your cock with my penknife."
"You little bastard", says the man, fishing in his pockets for a
pound coin. "How much have you made today?".
"About 20 pounds" says the oldest boy.
The man gives him a pound coin. Then the second oldest pipes up. "It will
cost you a pound to me aswell, or I'll cut off you cock with my penknife."
"I don't believe this", says the man. "How much have you made?"
"About 20 pounds" says the second oldest boy. The man gives him a
pound coin, and the third boy says. "It will cost you a pound to me
aswell, or I'll cut your cock off too." "There's no way I'm giving
_you_ a pound aswell. How much have you made?"
"I haven't made anything yet" said the small boy

"But I've got about 20 cocks!!!"