FileTitle: Joke128.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: Sex, Chinese
Subject: The Little Chinaman 

During the 1849 goldrush, a man went to the california moutains to try to
make his fortune. After a gew weeks, he went into town to get supplies. He
was having the shopkeep get him several things, and he asked "Any women in
this town"? The shopkeep replied "Nope, there were some a few weeks ago, but
life was too hard for them, so they went back east.....but we do have the
little chinaman upstairs". The miner replied "Hey, I ain't into that". So he
took his supplies and left.

A few weeks later, he comes back for more supplies and ask the shopkeep the
same thing....and gets the same reply: "no, but that little chinaman still
lives upstairs". The miner quickly says "no way..I ain't into that". And he

A month later, the miner comes back for more supplies, and ask the same
question. The shopkeep tells him "there were a few women a couple of days
ago, and they showed the men a good time, but they left yesterday, but the
little chinaman is still upstairs". The miner just grabs his supplies and
heads for the door....but before he gets there he looks around the shop to
make sure no one else is in the store...then walks back to the shopkeep. He
leans forward and says in a quiet voice: "You know, If I were to say, uh, go
upstairs with the little would be just you and I who knew
about it right"? The shopkeep replies, "Well, it would just be the five of
us"....the miner gives him a strange look. The shopkeep says "Yea five,
there's you, me, of course the little chinaman, and the two guys who hold
the little chinaman down...see, he ain't into that either". :->