FileTitle: Joke1282.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: Best of a Bad Situation
                One day, little Bobby was playing baseball with his friends
in his backyard.  When dinner-time came around all the friends left, and
Bobby decided to play baseball by himself.  He readied the bat on his
shoulder and threw the ball in the air.  When it came down, he swung and
        Now having to play everyone's part, he was also the umpire, and when
he missed, he shouted out "Strike one!!"  At this his mother looked out the
window to see what he was doing.
        The next time, Bobby threw the ball higher and missed farther.
"Strike two!!" he shouted loudly.  At this his mother began to worry ... "My
son can't even hit a ball he threw to himself!"
        When little Bobby threw the ball up a third time, he threw it as
high as he could, and when it came down, his mother could have sworn he
missed by a mile.  The mother then began to worry about her son's vision;
"Maybe he needs glasses, and that's why he kept missing," she resolved.
        As Bobby was walking to the door, his mother heard him saying to
himself "Wow!  What a pitcher!!"  ...  :)