FileTitle: Joke1285.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: Navy Fighter Pilot
Towards the end of 1944, Lee Curtis joined the navy for training as a
fighter pilot. However, he displayed incredible ineptitude during his basic
training and even the most rudimentary flying skills appeared to be
completely beyond his grasp. He achieved a number of ground loops and caused
a number of instructors to give up all hope of Lee Curtis ever becoming a
proper naval fighter pilot. However, manpower needs being what they were,
Curtis was assigned to an aircraft carrier in the South Pacific.
On his very first day, the carrier came under attack. The captin (who had
been forwarned about Curtis' ineptitude) ordered Curtis up alone to tackle
the Japs.
Curtis strapped into the Corsair and was shot off the catapult. He climbed
quickly and shot the first Jap out of the sky. A barrel roll and cuban eight
brought him behind the next Jap. Ratatatatata. The next Jap went down in
Curtis executed a perfect immelman and positioned himself behind the third
Jap. The Jap exploded in mid air.
Curtis executed a series of victory rolls, a perfect long final and textbook
three point landing on the carrier deck. Unbuckling, Curtis swaggered over
to the figure in the neatly pressed captain's uniform and said 'Wel how'd y
all think 'bout that'.
The captain replied, tersely, 'Veleee funeee amelican basaaad'