FileTitle: Joke1312.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: Barber Shop (Exists?)
Frank went to his barber to get his haircut.  He told him he had signed
up for a tour that involved flying to the east cost, traveling by ship
to Italy, taking a bus trip to Rome, staying at a nice hotel and
getting to meet the Pope.  The barber laughed and said he knew all
about the trip and it was nothing but a scam and rip-off.  The plane
was old, made frequent stops, the ship was a tramp steamer, the bus
ride was uncomfortable, the hotel was decrepit and the closest anyone
came to meeting the Pope was if they happened to see him standing on
the balcony at the Vatican.  "The smart thing to do is cancel the trip
and get your money back," advised the barber.  Several weeks later
Frank was in for another haircut and said he'd taken the trip, he flew
first-class non-stop on a new plane, the ship was a beautiful luxury-
liner and he had a large stateroom all to himself.  The bus was quiet
and comfortable riding, the hotel was luxurious, his room had a
beautiful view of the ocean and he enjoyed a ten minute interview with
the Pope.  The barber was astounded and said, "Surely, something
unpleasant must have happened during the trip!"  "Yes it did," Frank
said, "when I bent over to kiss his ring, the Pope asked me where I got
such a lousy haircut."   Lyle's Joke Boutique.