FileTitle: Joke1349.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: Big Chief and the Condom (Variation)
One day, Big Chief goes down to the local condom shop to get some
protection, since he doesn't want his squaw to have Little Chief.  So, he
walks up to the clerk and says, "Me Big Chief.  Need condom."  The clerk
turns to him and says, "Well, Chief, we got all kinds of condoms.  I'll
need to know your size, though."  The Chief thought about it, but couldn't
relate his penis size to a condom size.  The clerk said, "OK, how about
this?  I'll give you a large for now.  Take it back to your tent, have fun
with your squaw, and come back tomorrow.  If it doesn't work, I'll give you
a different size."  Big Chief takes his condom and goes home.

The next day the clerk says, "So, Chiefy, how was it?"  The Chief, with a
smile on his face, says, "Me go uunnh, squaw go uunnh, rubber go pop."  The
clerk says, Hmmm...musta been too small.  Well, I'll give you an extra
large -- the biggest one we have.  Take it home.  I hope it works out."

The next day, the Chief returns to the store, again with a smile on his
face.  The clerk says, "Well???"  "Me go uunnh, squaw go uunnh, rubber go
pop."  The clerk looks at him with astonishment.  "Damn, son.  Let's
see...what can we do?  Ah, yes.  I've got one left for just such an
occasion.  I'll be right back."  He leaves and comes back with the
innertube out of a car tire.  "Take ths with you.  I hope it works out for

The next day, the chief walks back into the shop, this time looking really
sad.  The clerk says, "What's wrong, Chiefy?  Did it not work for you?"
The Chief looks at him and says, softly, "Me go uunnh, rubber go uunnh,
squaw go pop."