FileTitle: Joke1374.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: Best Handjob (variation)
A business man checks into a very fancy hotel and tells the desk clerk that
he has no meetings today and would like some "companionship", price is no
object.  The desk clerk says that he understands and someone will be at his
door in ten minutes.  Ten minutes later there is a knock on the man's door.
 He opens it and sees the most beautiful woman that he has ever seen in his

He tells her, "I'm in no hurry today, let's go real slow.  What do you get
for a hand-job?"
She says, "$1000."
He screams, $1000!  No hand-job is worth $1000!"

She pulls him to the window, points outside and says, "You see that liquor
store down there?  I bought that store with the money that I got just from
hand jobs!"  He gives her the money and sure enough the hand-job is like
nothing he's ever had before.  She does things that he didn't believe were
possible with a hand.  It's worth every penny.

"That's incredible," he says.  What do you get for a blow-job?"
"$5000!  No blow-job is worth $5000."

She takes him to the window and points, "You see that Rolls-Royce
dealership?  I bought that dealership with money I got from blow-jobs."

He gives her the money and the blow-job is the greatest thing he's ever
known.  Like rockets and fireworks and explosions.  When it's over, he
says, " I've GOT to have that pussy!"  She takes him to the window, points,
and says, "You see that skyscraper?. . . If I had a pussy, I could buy that