FileTitle: Joke1375.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: Democratic Kittens
One day, Bill Clinton was running down the street in Washington and saw a
lady selling a bunch of kittens.  He stopped and said, "Aw, these are the
cutest bunch of kittens I have ever seen in my life!"  The lady said, "These
are Democratic kittens.  Would you like to buy one?"  However, Billy has
socks, and fearing he might get a male (two male cats in the same house
create tremendous problems, and believe it or not the sex at birth for
kittens is sometimes difficult to determine), he rejected the offer.

The next week, he was running down the same street.  Because that lady was
SELLING those kittens rather than giving them away, many of those kittens
were still there.  Billy stopped by and said, "Gee, these are still the
cutest bunch of kittens I have ever seen!  These are Democratic kittens,

"No," she answered in response.  "These are Republican kittens."

Clinton caught on and said, "But I thought you said these were Democratic

And she replied back, "Yes, they were.  However, within the past week they
opened their eyes."