FileTitle: Joke1388.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: Dirty, Gross, but Told Well
An attractive woman is sitting in a bar waiting for her boyfriend to finish
his pool game. A guy walks up to her out of the bblue and says:"I'm gonna
suck your tits so hard that they're gonna milk!".

"W-What?!" exclaims the woman, "Are you mad talking to a stranger like
that?" starting to stand up so that she can call her boyfriend.

"That's nothing" says the guy. "Then I'm gonna lay you down and fuck your
arse so hard that it bleeds!"

"You're completely mad!" she says, "Wait til my boyfriend hears this! He'll
kill you!"

"Wait, that's nothing!" says the guy, "Then I'm gonna flip you on to your
back, spread your legs, fill your cunt with beer and drink every last drop
through a straw!"

"That's it!" she says, "You've REALLY asked for it now" and goes fetch her
boyfriend to beat the living hell out of him.

"That guy over there" she sobs to her boyfriend: "He says he's gonna suck my
tits so hard that they're gonna milk!"

"What?!" says her boyfriend putting down his pool stick, "Which guy? He
can't talk to you like that! I'm gonna kill him!"

"That's nothing" she wails, "Then he says he's going to lay me down and fuck
my arse so hard that it bleeds!"

"Where is this shit?" says the boyfriend rolling up his sleeves, "I'm gonna
murder the bum!"

"That's nothing" she weeps, "Then he's gonna flip me onto my back, spread my
legs, fill my cunt with beer and sip every last drop out through a straw"

"Oh well then....that's alright" says the boyfriend rolling down his sleeves
and heading back to his game of pool.

"What do you mean that's alright?" she asks, "You were going to kill him for
the first two."

"Look" says the boyfriend," Any man who can drink that much beer must be OK"