FileTitle: Joke1406.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: Plot Twist on Urination Joke
...and then Automatic digest processor said:...
% [NOTE:  For those who are not aware, two of the oldest American
% Universities that are long-standing rivals are Harvard and Yale.]
%     At the Yale-Harvard football game, a Harvard man was horrified to see
% a Yaley leaving the men's room without washing his hands.  "At Harvard,"
% he said haughtily, "we learn to wash our hands after urinating."
%     "At Yale," the other retorted, "we learn not to urinate on our hands."

Just then, a Notre Dame gentleman slumming for the weekend came in,
washed his hands, and *then* proceeded to the john.  Both the Harvard
and Yale men gawked in amazement; sure enough, the Notre Dame gentleman
finished and headed for the door.  When they started to stammer, he
replied, "At Notre Dame, we learn to wash our hands before touching a
sacred object."