FileTitle: Joke1432.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: Smart Dog
    A dog walks into a butcher shop with a purse strapped around his neck.
He walks up to the meat case and calmly sits there until it's his turn to
be waited on.  A man who was already in the butcher shop finished his
purchase and noticed the dog.  The butcher leaned over the counter and
asked the dog what it wanted today.  The dog put a paw on the glass case in
front of the ground beef, and the butcher said, "How many pounds?"  The dog
barked twice, so the butcher made a package of two pounds of ground beef.
He then said, "Anything else?"  The dog pointed to the pork chops, and the
butcher said, "How many?"  The dog barked four times, and the butcher made
up a package of four pork chops.

    The dog then walked around so the butcher could get at the purse.  The
butcher took out the appropriate amount of money and tied the two packages
of meat around the dog's neck.  The man, who had been watching all of this,
decided to follow the dog.  It walked for several blocks and then walked up
to a house where it began to scratch the door to be let in.  As the owner
opened the door, the man said to the owner, "That's a really smart dog you
have there."  The owner said, "He's not really all that smart.  This is the
second time this week he forgot his key."