FileTitle: Joke1474.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: Skinny Dipping
The rabbi and the reverend were strolling along a nice lake.
'Come on', the rabbi said, 'let's go for a swim'.
'I don't have my swimsuit with me', replied the reverend.
'Who cares ? There's nobody here.'
So they undressed and went swimming.
Suddenly a bus full of elderly women stopped near the lake.
As quickly as possible both swimmers left the lake, running ashore.
The reverend held his coat in front of his 'ding-i-dong', the rabbi threw
his coat over his head.
Then they ran to the bushes and hide themselves.
'That was a narrow escape', the reverend sighed,' but why did you cover
your head with your coat, instead of ..
'Because they know me by my face'.