FileTitle: Joke1545.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: 3 Tests of Masculinity
{Needs a rewrite:  Drink a gallon, wrestle a grizzly bear, rape a woman ???}

Ralph's lifelong dream was to join the Royal Canadian Mounties. He asked
everybody and they all told him there was a bar where all the mounties hung
out. Ralph goes to the bar, walks in the door, and yells, "Who's in charge
here?!" A very large man steps out and answers, "I am."
Ralph says, "I want to be a Royal Canadian Mounty. How do I join?"
The man says, "Well, we'll let you be a mounty if you can prove you're a
"How?" Ralph wants to know.
"There are three tests you must pass. First, you have to take a gallon of
Jack Daniels and drink it down in one shot. Second, you have to go into the
woods and kill a bear with your bare hands. Third, you have to go down to the
Indian village and rape a squaw. If you make it back alive, we'll let you be
a Royal Canadian Mounty."
Ralph grabs the gallon of Jack Daniels, drinks it down in one shot, and walks
out of the bar.
A couple hours later, Ralph staggers back in, covered from head to toe with
claw marks, bleeding profusely, his clothing torn to shreds. In a loud voice,
he slurs "Now where's that Indian you wanted me to kill?!"