FileTitle: Joke16.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: Religeous, Police
Subject: Car Accident (Off. to Catholics & Jews)

Officer Patrick McGuire of the New York City Police Department
answers a call on his radio and reports to the scene of a car
accident in the Queens-Midtown Tunnel. Officer McGuire notes that a
new Buick had its front end merged with the rear end of a Chrysler.
The driver of the Buick was Father Francis O'Boyle; the driver of the
Chrysler was Rabbi Isaac Goldstein.

After Officer McGuire verifies that Rabbi Goldstein has suffered no
physical injuries in the accident, he walks back to survey the damages
to each vehicle. Then, Officer McGuire walks over to Father O'Boyle
and asks him: "Tell me, Father, just how fast was that Rabbi going
when he backed into you?"