FileTitle: Joke160.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: Mining Accident
Subject: Mining accident

  The foreman at a coal mine in Scotland falls down a tunnel.  The
problem is this: the workmen can hear him shouting for help, but because
of the echo, it's impossible to determine which of three adjacent tunnels
he's fallen down.  They want to lower rescue equipment to haul him out,
but, being Scotsmen, they're cheap and don't want to waste time or money
going down the wrong hole.  So, they try this: they take a biscuit and tie
a string around it, then they lower it down each hole to see if he'll
grab for it -- they'd then know which tunnel to send the rescue
equipment down.
  But, of course this didn't work.  As we all know, a trolling scone
gathers no boss.