FileTitle: Joke1601.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: Gross, Really Gross - Fart the National Anthem.
An old drunk was in a bar one night begging the bartender for one more drink
even though he had run out of money.  In desperation, the drunk said,
"Listen, I have this unusual talent.  I can fart the tune of the national
anthem.  If I climb up on your bar and entertain your patrons by farting the
national anthem, will you please give me one more drink?"  The bartender
agreed to the deal, so the old drunk climbed up onto the bar and dropped his
pants.  The drunk began grunting and straining and, much to everyone's
suprise and disgust, had a tremendous bowel movement right on the bar.  The
bartender reached for his billy-club, intending to teach the drunk a lesson.
 "Just a minute, just a minute." wailed the drunk, "If I was a singer, you
wouldn't be mad if I had to clear my throat."