FileTitle: Joke1647.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: Indian Moose Guide
An Indian guide was hired by some hunters from Massachusetts to lead them
on a moose hunting trip in Northern Maine.  One of the guys was skeptical
that the guide could locate moose,  but the hunter who hired him assured
his friend that he was highly recommended by the locals in the area.

On the first morning of the trip, the group set out, led by the Indian
guide.  They were not on the move for more than twenty minutes when
suddenly the guide stopped dead in his tracks, put his ear to the ground
and didn't move for about 2 minutes.  Then he solemnly rose to his feet
while wiping his ear and announced, "Moose come!".   The hunter hunter
who originally doubted the guide's ability was truly amazed.  He asked
the guide, "You can hear the moose coming?".

The Indian looked at him and said, "No, sticky ear!!".