FileTitle: Joke1721.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: Breaking Wind
A guy named Bob took a girl named Sue out for a date to the movies. Well,
Bob all of a sudden had the urge to fart really bad.  So Bob made an excuse
to take Sue home.  She said, Fine but you could at least come in and meet my
parents.  He said, Ok ,but it has to be quick, I really gotta go.  So they
went in and she asked him to sit down.  He accidentally let a small fart.
Sues Dad yelled, "GEORGE".  Bob said to himself, "This is great, He thinks
its the dog farting.  So, he let a bigger and louder one.  Sues Dad yelled
louder, "GEORGE !"  Feeling relieved that the dad thought it must be George
farting, he let the biggest fart ever to relieve himself.  Sues dad yelled
once more, "GEORGE, get out from under that chair before that man shits on