FileTitle: Joke1819.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: Three Beers
        A guy walks into a bar and orders. "Gimme three beers, please."
The bartender is a little astonished at the unusual order but places three
beers on the bar. The guy drinks each of them, one after the other. As he is
about to leave, the bartender decides to satisfy his curiosity: "Sir, I know
it's none of my business, but I'm curious about why you ordered three beers all
at once. Usually, people will order their beers one at a time, although a
couple of my customers occasionally have ordered two at a time. But no one has
ever come in alone and ordered three beers. What's the deal?"
        The guy explained, "My two brothers and I are very close to each other.
We are quite an intimate family, but now live in different cities. Whenever we
get together, we will drink beer together and talk about all that has
happened since we saw each other last. And we have an agreement that whenever
we are apart and decide to have a beer, we will order three beers, so that we
can think about each other, even in our absence." The bartender smiles at such
a touching tale of brotherly love, thanks the guy for sharing his story, and
bids him a fond farewell as he leaves the bar.
        About a month later, the guy comes back into the bar and the bartender
recognizes him immediately. He is about to get three beers out from the cooler
when the guy orders, "Gimme two beers, please."
        The bartender is a bit astonished and concerned at the change in the
man's order. He thinks to himself that this may be a sad occasion. As he puts
the two beers down on the bar in front of the guy, he again asks a question to
satisfy his curiosity: "Sir, I know it's none of my business, but the last time
you were here, you ordered three beers and told me the story about your
brothers. Now you order only two beers. Is everything okay? Did one of your
brothers--heaven forbid--did one of your brothers die?"
        The guy throws back one of the beers and answers, "Oh, my, no !!!
It's nothing like that. It's just that I've quit drinkin'."