FileTitle: Joke1841.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: Laundry, Doing
As with most long-term couples, Mark and Mary have their own pet phrases for
everyday sayings.  For example, they call having sex "doing laundry."  One
night, Mark came home late from work and Mary was already in bed asleep.  He
attempted to wake her up and asked "Honey, how about doing a little
laundry?"  Mary grunted and told him she was too sleepy and to go away.  He
said, "You don't have to be awake and it won't take too long."  She ignored
him so he went and brushed his teeth and got ready for bed.  As he was doing
this, Mary had been thinking in her half-awake stupor about the prospect of
having sex and began to get turned on.  When Mark climbed into bed, she
turned over and said, "Maybe we could fit a little laundry in, baby," to
which he replied, "Oh that's OK, sweetie.  It was a small load so I did it
by hand."