FileTitle: Joke1851.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: English Couple in Paris and Wife Dies
An English couple were in Paris when the wife died. The
husband wanted the funeral there, and needed to buy a black
hat for the funeral. He mistook the word "chapeau" and went
in search instead for a "capote" [condom].

Asking where he could get a capote, he was directed to the
chemist's shop, where he asked for a capote noire.

L'homme behind the counter said, "Capote noire, capote noire?
Monsieur, nous avons des capotes jaune, et capotes rouge,
mais...capotes noire...nous n'en avons pas. Pourquoi
voudriez-vous une capote noire?"

The poor widower replied, "C'est pour ma femme. Elle est

"Ah" replied the shop man, "les Anglais...quelle finesse!"