FileTitle: Joke1955.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: Hitler Goes to Heaven
Adolf Hitler dies and finds himself in front of the door of Hell. He
knocks, Satan opens the door and asks: "What's your name?"  "Adolf
Hitler", he replies. Satan is flabbergasted. "Adolf Hitler? I know
what you did on Earth and there's not way I am going to take you in.
Indeed, this is Hell, but there's a limit to everything. Hey, why
don't you go to Heaven? Follow the road, there's a big door on the
right, you can't miss it." Elated by this stroke of luck, Hitler
starts walking towards Heaven.
The following day, there's a knock at the door of Hell. Satan opens
and finds Jesus standing outside. "Jesus, what are you doing here?",
he asks, surprised. And Jesus replies: "I just escaped from the camp and
would like to apply for political asylum!"