FileTitle: Joke2009.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: Catholic Bragging to a Jew
A Catholic man was friendly with a Jewish man, so when his son became a
priest, he was eager to share the good news with his friend.  "My son just
entered the priesthood!" he told his Jewish friend excitedly.
     "Ehhh . . . that's nice," the Jewish man said with complacency.
     "Don't you get it . . . he could one day become a monsignor," the
Catholic insisted.
     "Mmm . . . that's nice," the Jewish man repeated, maddeningly
     "But one day he might become a bishop!"
     "That's nice."
     "An archbishop!  My son . . . my little boy . . . could one day be an
archbishop!" the Catholic man exclaimed, frustrated by his friend's utter
lack of zeal for the news.
     "An archbishop . . . that's nice."
     "A cardinal.  My boy, my boy who you knew when he was just a little
squirt, he could be a cardinal some day maybe."
     "That's nice," the Jewish man repeated.
     "Well, one day he could become the pope.  The pope!"
     But still the Jewish man only repeatedly blandly, "Ehhh . . . that's
     Finally the Catholic had reached the end of his rope.  "What do you want
him to be?!" he exclaimed in a loud, exasperated voice, "Jesus Christ?"
     Replied the Jew, "One of our boys made it!"