FileTitle: Joke2114.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: Gay (Too) Golfers
Two queers were enjoying a pleasant round of golf when a foursome of Hell's
Angels began hitting into them from behind. One queer finally becomes angry
and turns to his partner,"If those big bad boys hit into us one more time,
Seymour, you fall down and act like the ball hit you very very hard in the
head. We'll just sue those naughty boys." Sure enough, next hole they drove
the ball directly into the gay twosome. "Now, Seymour, now! Fall down.
Well show them..." The Angels walk up to the standing and lying queer and
say, "What the hell's going on here?" "You just hurt my friend Seymour
really bad, and we're going to get a lawyer and sue do you like
that?"  The Angel replys, "Oh Blow Me!"  The queer exclaims, "Seymour,
Seymour,  get up!  They want to settle out of court!"