FileTitle: Joke2115.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: Ozark Sex Education
There's this little Ozark family, Maw, Paw, Junior, and Sally.

One day Junior asks, "Paw, whut's sex?"

Paw sits back, thinks about it, and replies, "Well, Junior, I reckon yore
'bout ol'nuff to find out.  Maw, take off all yer clothes, jump up on the
bed, and spread'n'em legs."

After Maw is undressed and lying on the bed, Paw looks at Junior and says,
"You see that there hole on Maw?  Well, jist watch ol' Paw."  Paw jumps on
top of Maw and starts doing her every which way.

About this time, Sally walks in, walks over to Junior and whispers,
"Jun...Junior, wh-whut's that?"

Junior, being a man of the world now, looks back at Sally and grins, "That's
whatcha call 'sex'.  You see that there hole on Paw?  Jist watch ol' Junior..."