FileTitle: Joke2137.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: Racist - Prejudice to an Extreme
WARNING: Racist Joke.  Very UN-PC

Shiny metal robot

Fred decides one day to go for a round of golf.  He turns up at the club,
pays his money and then asks where he can get someone to caddy for him.

"Sorry, Sir," says the secretary, "being Saturday, everyone's out
already. "However, seeing Fred's crestfallen expression, he continues "You
can take out the shiny metal robot if you like."

So, they bring out the shiny metal robot.  It picks up Fred's clubs and
follows him outside.

Fred goes up to the first tee and is about to swing when the shiny metal
robot coughs politely.

"Sir," says the Shiny Metal Robot, "I feel I must point out that you are
standing too close to the ball.  If you take a step backwards, the ball
will travel much straighter."

Fred shrugs and takes a step backwards.  He hits the ball and indeed it
flies straight and lands on the fairway.  Fred is amazed.

So, Fred and the shiny metal robot trundle up to the ball.

"Give me a 5 iron please", says Fred.
"Sir," says the Shiny Metal Robot, "if you use a 5-iron, as you can see
from the way the wind is blowing the trees it will blow your ball way off
course.  I suggest a 6-iron instead."

Fred takes the 6 instead and indeed the ball sails across to land on the

They walk across to the ball and Fred is about to putt.
"Sir," says the shiny metal robot, "you will find you get much better
control if you move your right hand down a bit."  Fred obeys without
question and [plunk] straight into the hole.

The round continues like this, and Fred has the best day's golf he's ever

The following Saturday, Fred turns up at the club again.  "I don't want
any old caddy, " he says to the secretary, "I want the shiny metal robot."

"Sorry Sir," says the secretary.  "We had to get rid of it."

"Why?!" cries Fred.

"Well, Sir, he was so shiny that other people were being put off their
game by the light glinting off his shiny metal body."

"Surely you could have solved that by painting him black?" Fred asks.

"Oh, yes, that's what we did," says the secretary.  "Then he kept coming
in late, and things started going missing..."