FileTitle: Joke245.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: Black and White, Sex
A white man goes into a pub toilet and starts sprinkling the pan with his
2.3 inches of dick.  A black man comes in and unravels his 14 inches and 
starts hosing down the pan next to the white man.
White man: "You've got a great dick, how can I get a dick like yours?"
Black man: "Easy man, just tie 20 feet of string to your dick, tie a brick
            to the other end, go down to the bridge over the river and throw
            the brick off the bridge. Do that every day for two weeks and
            you'll have a dick like mine"
So every day, the white man goes to the bridge over the river, ties the 
string to his dick and throws the brick off the bridge. It hurts like  buggery, 
but he perseveres as he really wants a big dick.  A week later he meets the
same black man in the pub. BM: "Hi man, how's your dick?
WM: "Well, I'm half-way there."
BM: "What do you mean you`re half way there?"
WM: "Well it's black now."