FileTitle: Joke252.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: That Refrigerator Joke Again
 Three men stand before St. Peter awaiting admission into Heaven.
        However, St. Peter has been informed that Heaven will only admit
        33% of applicants today.  The admission standard:  Who died the
        worst death?  So St. Peter takes each of the three men aside in
        turn and asks them about how they died.

        FIRST MAN:  "I'd been suspecting for a long time that my wife was
        cheating on me.  So, I decided to come home early from work one
        afternoon and check to see if I could catch her in the act.  When
        I got back to my apartment, I heard water running.  My wife was
        in the shower.  I looked everywhere for the guy, but couldn't
        find anyone or any trace that anyone had been there.  But the
        last place I looked was out on the balcony.  I found the bastard
        hanging from the edge, trying to get back in!!"

        "So, I started jumping up and down on his hands, he yelled, but
        he didn't fall.  So I ran inside and got a hammer, and crushed
        his fingers with it until he fell twenty-five floors screaming in
        agony.  But the fall didn't kill the Son of a Bitch - he landed
        in some bushes!  So, I dragged the refrigerator from the kitchen
        (it weighed about a ton), pulled it to the balcony, and hurled it
        over the edge.  It landed right on the guy and killed him."

        "But then, I felt so horrible about what I had done, I went back
        into the bedroom and shot myself."

        St. Peter nodded slowly as the man recounted the story.  Then,
        telling the first man to wait, he took the second aside.

        SECOND MAN:  "I lived on the twenty-seventh floor of this
        apartment building.  I had just purchased this book on morning
        exercises and was practicing them on my balcony, enjoying the
        sunshine, when I lost my balance and fell off the edge.
        Luckily, I only fell about two floors before grabbing another
        balcony and holding on for dear life.  I was trying to pull
        myself up when this guy came running onto what must have been his
        balcony and started jumping up and down on my hands.  I screamed
        in pain, but he seemed really irate.  When he finally stopped, I
        tried to pull myself up again, but he comes out with this hammer
        and smashes my fingers to a pulp!  I fell, and I thought I was
        dead, but I landed in some bushes.  I couldn't believe my second
        stroke of luck, but it didn't last long - the last thing I saw
        was this enormous refrigerator falling from the building down on
        top of me and crushing me."

        St. Peter comforted the man, who seemed to have several broken
        bones.  Then he told him to wait, and went to the third man.

        THIRD MAN:  "Picture this.  You're hiding - naked - in a