FileTitle: Joke258.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: Offensive, But a variation on a theme.
Subject: School Kid Joke 

Friday is big test day in elementary school, the teacher tells the
students that she is going to read some famous quotes, and if the
kids can name the person and year the quote is from, they do not have
to take the rest of the test and they get Monday off.

The teacher gives the first quote..."I have a dream" kid in
front jumps up and yells out "Dr. Martin Luther King, 1969!"  Teacher
says "that is very good Johnnie, you can skip the rest of the test
and you get Monday off".  Johnnie says.."Oh please teacher, let me
come to school on Monday.  I want to be smart like Dr. Martin Luther
King, and I need to be here".

White kid sitting behind Johnnie yells out ...."You dumb stupid
nigger".  Teacher is shocked and yells.."Who said that?"  White kid
answers..."Mark Furhman, 1995...See you Tuesday!"