FileTitle: Joke272.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: Cinderella Having a Ball, Sex
Subject: Cinderella 

 Cinderella is all excited about going to the big ball. The day before the
 ball, she gets her period. She is REALLY gushing, and she is very upset
 because now she won't be able to go to the ball. Her Fairy Godmother
 comes to the rescue, bringing her a magic tampon. She tells Cinderella
 that the magic tampon will absorb anything, but she must get home by
 midnight because it will turn into a pumpkin at the stroke of 12.
 Cinderella goes to the ball and her Fairy Godmother waits for at home.
 Midnight comes and goes and Cinderella has not returned. 1AM & 2AM pass by
 and still there is no sign of Cinderella.  The Fairy Godmother is frantic
 with worry. Finally, at 2:30AM, Cinderella comes rolling in with a big,
 lopsided grin on her face. Her makeup is smudged, her hair tousled, and
 her clothes disheveled. Her Fairy Godmother asks, with a mixture of
 consternation and relief: "Cinderella, where have you been?" Cinderella
 says: " I met this wonderful man, Peter Peter something or other....."