FileTitle: Joke292.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: Blonde in Heaven
A gorgeous blonde showed up at the Golden Gates and was met by St.
Peter.  She had a very sexy look about her so St. Peter thought it would
be wise to ask for references.  She said she was sure her deceased
husband was in Heaven and would be glad to vouch for her.  St. Peter
asked his name, she said it was Smith, St. Peter said they had lots of
Smiths and he needed more information.  When she said his full name was
Charles W. Smith, St. Peter said Heaven was filled with thousands by
that name and she needed to provide more specific identification.
After a few moments thought, she said, "Charlie said if I was ever
unfaithful to him he'd  turn over in his grave."  "Oh yes, "said St.
Peter, "you're talking about Roulette Wheel Smith."   Lyle's Joke