FileTitle: Joke305.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: Make the Horse Laugh
A man walks into this small town, rustic bar.  He sits down and orders a
drink.  He notices a fisk bowl full of five dollar bills behind the bar and
a horse tied up in the back of the bar.  he asks the bartender what the deal
is.  The bartender says  "put five dollars in the fish bowl and if you can
make that horse laugh, you get all the money in the fish bowl."  The guy
accepts, puts a five in the fish bowl and goes to the back of the bar.  He
whispers something to the horse's ear.  The horse starts laughing
uncontrollably, even rolling on the floor gasping between guffaws.  The man
walks back to the bar collects his money and leaves.

Several months later the man returns to the bar.  He sees the horse is still
in the back of the place and that there is now an aquarium filled to the
brim with ten dollar bills.  "What gives?" he asks the bartender.

"Well we made the bet harder, now it costs ten dollars, and you have to make
the horse cry."  The man smiles in confidence.  He puts a ten dollar bill in
the aquarium and walks back to the horse.  The man is only back there a few
minutes and the  horse starts this horrible sobbing and wailing.  It is
quite a sight to see a horse cry.  The man walks back to the bar, collects
his money and begins to leave.  "Wait a minute!" shouts the bartender.
"You've only been in here twice, and you've won a lot of money.  I want to
know how you did it."

The man explains.  "Well you see, when I had to make the horse laugh I told
him that my dick was bigger than his, and when I had to make him cry . . .
-- I showed him."