FileTitle: Joke326.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: Suffering Camel
The zoo keeper noticed one of his camels was suffering from swollen
testicles.  He called a veterinarian who came out, diagnosed the
problem and said the only solution was castration.  He quoted a fee of
$1,500.  The zoo keeper decided to get a second opinion and found a vet
who would do the job for only $50 and also guaranteed it would be
absolutely painless.  Naturally, he got the job and showed up the next
day carrying his little black bag.  He went behind the camel, opened
his bag, removed two bricks and smashed the camel's testicles between
them.  "Good Lord!" exclaimed the zoo keeper, "you mean to tell me that
didn't hurt?"  "Not if you're careful and keep your thumbs from getting
between the bricks."  Lyle's Joke Boutique.