FileTitle: Joke34.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: Oops
A scientist was conducting an experiment that involved locking 3 men
into cells for a 5 year period.  He said, "So that you don't get bored
to death, I'll give each of you one thing to entertain yourself with
during your confinement."  The first man wanted a wife, the second
wanted 100,000 books and the third wanted one million packs of
cigarettes.  After the test period was over, the scientist unlocked the
cells and the first man came out and said, "Boy, do I fell great.  My
wife and I now have three children!"  The second man said,  "I feel so
intellectually developed and enlightened."  The third man staggered out
with his one million packs of cigarettes and a haggard look on his face
and croaked, "Anyone got a light?"  Lyle's Joke Boutique.