FileTitle: Joke372.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: Altitude and a Barometer
An engineering student, a mathemathics student and a business
student were on a field trip.  Their task was to find the height of a
shurch steeple using a barometer. 
When they returned, they reported to their professor.  The
engineer said, "It's about 150 feet high."
"How did you discover that?" asked the professor.
"I dropped the barometeroff the top and measured how long it took
to hit the ground; then I worked out the height using the laws of
Next the professor called in the mathematician, who said, "It's
151 1/2 feet high, approximately."
"How did you discover that?"
"I noticed that the baromenter was exactly two feet long.  I
measured off a distance of two hundred feet from the base of the
tower, held the barometer on end, lay on the groundand marked where 
the line of sightfrom the top of the steeple, through the top of the
barometer hit the ground.  Then I used the barometer to measure how
far that point was from its foot.  After that it was a matter of similar
Finally, the professor called in the business student, who said
"It's exactly 154 feet 7 inches."
"How did you discover that?"
"I was walking round the churchyard, totally baffled, when I
noticed the verger tidying leaves.  I approached him and said, 'Verge
r, I have a fine new barometer. If you can tell me how high the stepple 
is, I will give you this barometer.' And he said it was 154 feet 7 inches."