FileTitle: Joke409.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: Elvis Tatoo
Subject: Celebrity Tattoo 

There was this lady admirer of Elvis who has just concluded her pilgrimage
to Memphis.  In a fit of adulation she decided one late night to pay a visit
to a tattoo shop.
"Here, I'll like a tiny tattoo  of Elvis Presley on my innermost thigh" says
she to the tattooman.
"OK, it'll cost you $100 since it is a rather inaccessible area & you gotta
take off your panties" came the reply.
Fair enough, small sacrifice, the lady thought.
After some grunting, wheezing and squinting the job was completed and a
mirror was held for the lady to view the results.
"HEY, this doesnt look like Elvis Presley ! I want my money back & I'm gonna
sue !" screams the lady.
"Whaddya mean, its Elvis plain as day (or night) ! Gimme a break. Tell you
what, why dont we ask somebody outside for a second opinion" says the guy.
"Fair enough", the lady agreed and together they went out the door.  Guess
what, at this hour, there was only a wino staggering along. So they invited
him to do the honours.
After kneeling down in front of her crotch and some more squinting, the wino
"Well, I cant say I can recognise Elvis but you know the guy with the beard
and the bad breath, thats Willie Nelson for sure".