FileTitle: Joke447.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: Your Name in the Obituaries
Fred Abernathy was a devoted reader of the obituary column of his local

All of Fred's friends knew of this habit, so one day they decided to play a
trick on him by placing his name and picture in the obituaries.

The following morning Fred picked up his newspaper, turned to the obituary
page, and there he saw his name, his biography and his photo.  Startled, he
went to the telephone and rang up his pal, George.  "Listen," he said. "Do
have the morning paper?  You do?  Please turn to the obituary page.  You
have?   What do you see in the second column?"

There was a pause, then George said, "Holy smoke!  It's you, Fred!
It's you all right! Listen, where are you calling from?"