FileTitle: Joke544.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: Religious Joke
      WARNING:  Highly offensive to Catholics and Jews

A rabbi is out for his morning walk, when he comes upon a young boy playing
with something on the sidewalk.  As the rabbi gets closer, he notices that
the little boy is poking and stirring a pile of dog shit with a stick.  The
rabbi asks the boy, "My son, what in the world are you doing?"  Without
looking up, the boy says, "I'm making a Catholic!"

The rabbi is shocked by what he's heard, but he gets an idea....
He tells the boy that he will be right back.  He walks down the street
to Father Russell's home.  He rings the doorbell and tells him that there
is something special that he wants to show him.  The priest and rabbi
walk back to where the boy is playing on the sidewalk.  The rabbi tells
the priest to go and ask the boy what he is doing.  As the priest nears
the boy, the rabbi starts giggling and laughing quietly.

The priest reaches the boy and sees that he is playing with dog shit.  He
kneels down on one knee and asks, "My son, what on Earth are you doing?"
While drawing designs in the soft pile of poop, the boy replies, "I'm
making a Catholic!"  The priest is completely *shocked*!  The rabbi is
just roaring with laughter. Tears are flowing, he is laughing so hard.

The priest is embarrassed, but regains his composure and asks the little
boy, "Why would you say such a thing, like that??"

To which, the little boy replies,
                "Because, I don't have enough shit to make a Jew!"