FileTitle: Joke558.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: Shaggy dog - Munich
A long time ago, in the city of Munich, the inhabitants were having a
big problem. There was a massive increase in the number of dogs residing
in the city. Not only were thousands of dogs, but they were BIG dogs....
real hounds to be exact. Anyway, the people of Munich bunched together
and decided they wouod solve the problem by driving all the dogs out of
the city and into the hills. So one day, they all grouped together and
forced all the hounds out of the city and into the hills, thereby solving
their problem.
        However, this action proved disastrous for the neighbouring town
of Lieden . Lieden was a leader in the manufacturing of paper and the big
paper mills provided work for many. As the hounds in the hills began to
get hungry, they descended upon the small town of Lieden and were soon
running a riot! All the shops were broken into as the dogs searched for
food. As Lieden was much smaller than Munich, they didn't have the
manpower to force the hounds out of the town and all the inhabitants
decided to go to Munich and complain. As they were leaving their homes,
suddenly a tremendous noise came from up on the hill, where the paper-mill
was located. As all the residents were in the process of evacuating, they
were puzzled as to who was running the mills. Suddenly, an old man spoke
up, claiming he knew the answer. He took a deep breath and said....
"The mills are alive with the hounds of Munich!"