FileTitle: Joke565.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: Roy Rogers and a Cougar (Shaggy Dog?)
                 ROY ROGERS AND A COUGAR

Some years ago, Roy Rogers bought a very expensive, exquisitely-tooled
pair of cowboy boots.  He wore them for the first time and was caught
in a rainstorm, getting his new boots muddy.  Because it was late in
the day when he returned to the ranch house, he left his new, muddy
boots on the back porch, thinking that he would clean them the next
morning.  When he went out on the back porch the next morning to clean
his boots, he found that they weren't there.  He looked out to
the yard and saw animal tracks everywhere.  There, over by the fence,
were his boots.  They had been chewed badly, and it was obvious that
no amount of effort could repair them.  Roy looked carefully at the
animal tracks and easily determined that they had been made by a
cougar.  He immediately saddled Trigger, got his rifle, and took out
after the cougar, following the tracks.  It was almost mid-day before
he found the cat, in a thicket of small trees on the side of a
mountain.  Still incensed about the loss of his boots, he shot the
cougar, put it in front of the saddle on Trigger, and started riding
home.  It was late afternoon as he came riding in to the back yard of
the ranch house with the cougar still in front of him on Trigger.
Dale Evans saw Roy riding up and went out on the back porch.  When
she saw the cougar, she sang out, "Pardon me Roy, is that the cat that
chewed your new shoes?"