FileTitle: Joke568.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: Church Bell Ringer
 One day the Holy Church of Whatever were sad because the same curch
bell ringer they've had for 50 years died.  Now they had to find a new one, so
they put up postings that said  "Church bell ringer wanted.  Apply in person."
So they wait and one day a man comes and applies.  "But you've got no arms."
said the preacher.  "Just give me a chance."  he says.  So they bring him up
to the tower and say "OK, let's see what you can do." So the guy steps
back a couple of feet and runs head first into the bell, and rings it.  The
preacher is stunned because the guy must've hurt himself, but he gets up and
he's fine.  "Not bad, but the bell is rung more than once, you'll kill
yourself."   "No, man, watch this."   So the man runs back even farther
and again runs face-first into the bell, ringing it even louder.  The preacher's
impressed, but still not sure. "OK, then, watch this, and you'll have to
hire me."  So he runs back as far as he can go and starts running head first
towards the bell.  The preacher thinks this is far too dangerous and
takes the bell and holds it out of the way.  Unfortunately, the guy doesn't see
the bell is gone and runs straight over the edge of the tower and falls to his
death below.  When the cops arrive, they start asking questions from the
preacher.  "Did you know the victim?" And the preacher replies,  "Well, I
don't know his name but  his face rings a bell."