FileTitle: Joke57.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: Religeon, Funny
  The Pope decided to come to town, and the local hosting committee thought it
should make him feel as welcome as possible.  So it found the biggest, most
luxurious limousine in town and sent it out to the airport to pick up the Pope.
 When the Pope arrived, he got into the back of the limousine, and the driver
proceeded to the highway to take him on into town.  As the limousine drove on
down the highway, the Pope noticed that, indeed, it was a very nice,
comfortable car.  It was beautifully appointed, and he could see out the window
that he was driving fast, but he heard no road noise at all.  After a while the
Pope decided that he really wanted to try out he car for himself.  He asked,
and the driver pulled over and parked on the shoulder.  The driver got in the
back and the Pope got in the driver's seat and pulled back on the highway.  The
limousine was a powerful car in addition to being beautiful, and in no time at
all the Pope was driving way over the speed limit.
 This caught the attention of a rookie police officer waiting in the local
speed trap.  The officer pulled over the limousine and walked up to the left
side of the car.  The officer took two looks inside the limousine and
immediately ran back and jumped into his squad car.  He picked up his radio and
breathlessly called into headquarters.  He was so nervous that all he could
stammer out was "You can't believe whom I've pulled over!"  The sergeant kept
trying to get the young officer to calm down and talk slowly, but it didn't
work, and finally the gruff old sergeant bellowed into the radio, "Who the heck
is it?!"  The officer, momentarily shocked, blurted out, "I don't know, but the
Pope's driving him around town!"