FileTitle: Joke65.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: Little Johnny, Sex, School
Ok, Johnnys first grade teacher wants to see if everyone knows the
alphabet so she decides to play the pick a word and use it in a sentance
game.  She starts out by picking little Suzie who says, "apple--I
brought an apple for lunch."
The teacher is happy, but notices that Johnnys hand is up, but with theletter 'b
' she's not about to let him answer.  Too many bad things start
with 'b'. ... time passes ... Finally, she has to pick Johnny or he's
going to explode.  The letter is 'w' and she can't think of much that he
can do with that so she picks him.
        Johnny: "W as in womb."
"Shit!" mutters the teacher, he found something wrong with 'w'.  Ok,
damage control time.  "You mean the places that babies come from?"
        Johnny: "No, womb like two elephants fucking, WOMB! WOMB! WOMB!"