FileTitle: Joke94.html
Category: Humor
Type: Joke
Description: Black, Southern
Every weekend, Billy Bob, who weighed 260 pounds, would get drunk and go
looking for trouble.  He would start fights and beat up anyone he disliked. One
night, the owner of a bar he frequented got fed up with this and locked a huge,
ugly gorilla in the backroom.  When Billy Bob busted in and threatened everyone,
the owner said, "Billy, there's someone in the back room who says he can whip
you."  Billy Bob kicked down the door and went in.  For the next five minutes
all that could be heard was screaming, pounding, rattling and yelling. Finally,
Billy Bob walked out, wiping his forehead and dragging the gorilla behind him.
"Whew!!  Put a black guy in a mink coat, and the bastard thinks he's King Kong!!