The Vagina Monologues - Review
by Kurt Simmons
If a vagina could talk, what would it tell?
It could tell you great stories of heaven and hell.
It belongs to a woman, it's part of her body,
Yet very often it is something she does not see.
Find a good mirror, have a long look at it,
Appreciate its complexity, find your own clit.
What would it say? How would it dress?
Is it neat, prim, and tidy, or a bedraggled mess?
There are so many kinds, with such different lives,
Guys should take time to look at their wife's.

But all is not kind. There are stories of rape
And deep vaginal prisons, that some don't escape.
Torture and mutilations, your soul it will chafe,
The world would be better if each pussy were safe.

Yes, vaginas are angry and have much to say,
There should have been more men there today.
All parts of a great show these monologues have got,
We cried just a bit and laughed a whole lot.
I learned to hear cunt in a whole different light.
The women on stage were fantastic tonight!
Their expressions, their characters, the razor sharp wit.
And a lesson on moaning that is really a hit!
From heart wrenching tales to orgasmic bliss,
This is a show there's no way you should miss!


A note about the language they use in the joint.
It's forthright and graphic and straight to the point.
The language and gestures may give you a shock.
Your heart might go tick and then skip the tock.
My revision is this, if naughty words don't offend,
Take someone special and enjoy it my friend!