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Bissinger’s Chocolates - St Louis, Missouri – Raspberries and Blackberries: Chocolate covered, caramels, and creams.

LIMITED AVAILABILITY! July 5 - July 28, 2005

My sister gets credit for turning me on to this company. And I am not going to talk about the creams and caramels, which are spectacular and available year round. I want to talk about the Chocolate Covered Raspberries which are only available for three weeks during the summer. Bissinger’s flies in these delectable raspberries from the Pacific Northwest each day. They arrive overnight. That morning they create the fondant that coats the berries and seal the berries in dark (or milk) chocolate by the end of the day. They are they shipped overnight to you. From field to mouth is less than three days. If you are on a "budget" you can use two day shipping instead. And I put milk as an aside because I believe these are best with dark chocolate.

What you will get is a small dark chocolate shell with a liquid center and a plump, juicy raspberry in the middle. I have tried eating them several ways and found the following way the best. Pop the whole candy in your mouth and, this takes will power, just let it melt in your mouth. No fair biting into it at all … yet. You will get a small taste of raspberry because the raspberry syrup leaks all over the box and the chocolates. Mostly you will get this heavenly dark chocolate taste to start with. Eventually a small hole will melt in the chocolate. When it does you get the faintest hint of berry taste. Shortly thereafter though the whole chocolate breaks open and this amazing burst of raspberry flavor floods your mouth. I had shared this technique with a friend once. She worked in a small shop and had just popped the chocolate in her mouth when customers entered the shop. I got to watch her try and keep a straight face while the chocolate melted. I could tell the exact moment the shell burst when her smile lit up.

They are only available three weeks during the summer and, if $34.00 a pound is in your price range, they are worth the extra shipping charge. Otherwise you can revisit their site in the fall when rates go down and order the caramels and creams.