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For right now this is just a list of companies by various states along with a brief note of what I like most about them.

  • Colorado

    Boulder - I am putting together a fun chocolate package for a friend, and decided to treat the city as a chocolate adventure, even though home offices may be elsewhere.

    • Belvedere Belgian Chocolate Shop - Made in Colorado these chocolate are sold locally at our Belgian Chocolate Shop. I tend to forget the Belvedere part and just call it the Belgian Chocolate Shop.
    • Chocolove - Founded and run by a bit of a surly cuss named Tim, these are some of the best chocolate bars around. I particularly like the Ginger version. Best prices are at Vitamin Cottage, but also found at Whole Foods, Boulder Co-op, and Pharmaca I believe.
    • Dagoba - Frederick Schilling, an amiable chap over e-mail, though I have never met him in person, founded this chocolate company in Boulder and then moved to Oregon. They specialize in organic and single origin chocolate bars, as well as baking chocolates. Best prices are at Vitamin Cottage, but they are carried many other places, inccluding Whole Foods and at McGuckin's, our legendary hardware store.
    • Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory - Specializing in making treats in the store, one can usually find a large variety of candy apples. I personally find their best item to be the Chocolate Covered Nutter Butters.
    • Frasca Food and Wine - A fine local restaurant that features some house made chocolates on their dessert menu. For more restaurant information their website:
    • Whole Foods - Here they carry the locally made Concertos In Chocolate line, as well as some wicked chocolate covered almonds from Spain, Piedras de Chocolat.
  • Missouri

    St. Louis - Bissinger’s Chocolates – Raspberries and Blackberries: Chocolate covered, caramels, and creams.

  • Oregon


    • Bernard C - They have several outlets, but I like this store the best so far (each store has its own website). They make small, delicately flavored, high-end chocolates.
    • Moonstruck - Famous for their chocolate cafes, which feature great hot chocolate drinks and their extra fancy, but only sometimes worth it, decorated chocolates.
    • Michelle's Truffles - Can't find a website. They have a store on Hawthorne in Portland and a main factory in Clackamas. They do some wicked stuff with caramels.
    • Sahagún - Real Hot Chocolate. Run by the delightful Elizabeth Montes. Also found at the Portland Farmer's Market. Delicate infusions of exotic flavors into dark chocolate truffles.
    • Whole Foods - Yep, oddly enough these guys have a great chocolate selection. It seems to vary by location, but you can always count on getting your fix here. Portland has some exotic bulk chocolates whose name escapes me as I type this.